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Monday to Saturday 10 am to 6 pm. Sundays closed Appointments requested.




9545 Harding Avenue, Bal Harbour, Florida, USA 33154

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We want to share your choice with time and dedication! For this, we recommend you request an appointment, where we will be able to meet, talk, and be able to advise you well, meet your expectations.

See you there!

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Parking Lot

You can park in the main block of the store and the next, with parking meter system as indicated by the gray lines that run on both sides of the street. If you do not find place there, there are two public parking lots (also with parking meter system), marked with gray rectangles. You see it is very easy to Couture Bridal!

Tip 01

If there is someone who cannot come to your appointment, but their opinion is very important to you, you can schedule FaceTime or Skype from here. We have free internet access for our brides.


Tip 02

Come to your appointment with time and if possible with a good night sleep! You will enjoy the experience better.

Tip 03

Come with the people in your circle that are important for you, those who you need your opinión from. We recommend to come with no more than four people the most. It can be very distracting and you might not be so relaxed. However it is your call.

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Tip 04

Bring any hair accessory to pretend how you plan to wear your hair or to tie it so that you can see the dress and it’s design better. You can also bring shoes of the height you plan to wear for your wedding. They don’t have to be the final shoes, but in case we need to measure your hem.

Also you can come with a strapless bra or spanx if you plan to wear them at your wedding too.

Tip 05

Please don’t bring food or pets. The white gowns are very delicate. We will appreciate it.